‘The Vessel’ Review: They’re Having A Baby

the vessel

And baby makes four…

The Vessel, a new British comedy web series about a gay couple that asks their best friend to become their surrogate, has recently found its way across the pond — and it is pretty hysterical.

The 10-part series tells the story of Rory (Giovanni Bienne) and Mike (Phillip Whiteman), a gay couple who ask their best friend Kim (Lily Brown) to carry their child. This unconventional family is then forced to deal with bigoted and disappointed grandparents and health care workers, bad first dates and, worst of all, the end of drinking.

Shot through Kim’s point of view, the audience never gets to see the surrogate or her reactions, making the entire experience seem alien to viewers, just like Kim’s surrogacy is to her. Each of the ten episodes is also shot in one continuous take, making the action feel more lifelike and realistic.

The first six episodes are already online here, and there are four more to come, with the finale premiering on December 23.

So go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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