The Wanted Fake-Apologize For Calling Christina Aguilera A Bitch

the wanted

The offending boy band.

The dudes in British pop band The Wanted (some might call them the scruffier, less culturally relevant One Direction) made yet another stupid comment about Christina Aguilera over the weekend.

See, back in April, The Wanteds were on an episode of Xtina’s show The Voice, where they said she totally ignored them (hello, she’s Christina Aguilera, she doesn’t have to pay attention to anyone she doesn’t want to. She wrote “Beautiful!”) So, like mature adults, they went on a radio show to complain about it: “She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us, she was a total bitch,” Wanted member Tom Parker told Now FM. “She just sat there and didn’t speak to us. Wouldn’t even look at us.”

He later apologized for it, after he realized there was a major backlash by fans for what he said. And then …

Christina aguilera

Parker did that totally annoying thing that dudes sometimes do when they know they need to apologize but don’t actually believe the should have to: He made a period joke. Because hahahahha lady periods are to blame for everything. Speaking to Huffington Post, Parker said that the band was still experiencing backlash for the comment, and then he doubled down: “I was having a terrible day,” Parker confessed to HuffPost. “I was on my period … oh shoot, sorry I apologize!”

Not only is it not funny, it’s not even Xtina relevant: Everybody knows she doesn’t have a regular lady period: She bleeds out glitter and sparkles instead.
[Via ONTD]