The Watch List: “Call Me By Your Name,” “The Shape Of Water” Come To Video On Demand

Plus: "Every Day" hits theaters, "Mohawk" is on DVD, and the trans webseries "Brothers" returns.

In Theaters

  • A spirit that wakes up in a different body every 24 hours falls in love with high school student Rihannon (Angourie Rice) in this brisk, engaging adaptation of David Levithan’s YA novel. Determined to not meddle in the lives of its host bodies—which include cis men and women and a genderqueer student—”A” nonetheless forges a relationship with Rihannon as the pair attempt to figure out a way to be together. (February 23, Orion)

  • Ellen Page produced and co-stars in this intelligent 28 Days Later-ish horror flick in which a cure has been found to a raging zombie virus. (February 23, IFC)[/Listicle]

    DVD/Blu-Ray/Video on Demand

  • Haven’t seen this Best Picture nominee yet? Now’s your chance, as a handsome doctoral student (Armie Hammer) in Italy seduces the 17-year-old son (Best Actor nominee Timothée Chalamet) of the professor he’s interning with. (VOD, SPC)

  • In this sometimes grisly historical drama set during the War of 1812, British soldier Joshua (Eamon Farren) is involved with both Calvin (Justin Rain) and Oak (Kaniehtiio Horn), the Mohawk couple is helping to protect from a vengeful group of American soldiers. (VOD, Dark Sky Films)

  • In Guillermo del Toro’s acclaimed sci-fi romance, Sally Jenkins plays Elisa, a mute cleaning woman who falls for the mysterious sea creature (Doug Jones) chained in the government lab she cleans. Richard Jenkins snagged a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination as her gay neighbor, a disgraced commercial artist looking for love and respect. (VOD, 20th Century Fox)


  • Season Two of Emmett Lundberg’s well-crafted series about a clique of trans men in Brooklyn continues to explore love, friendship, and the realities of gender transition. Season One is currently streaming for free on Amazon Prime. (March 1,

  • The debut episode of this three-part documentary series explores the case of transgender teen Mercedes Williamson, who was brutally killed by her 28-year-old gang member boyfriend, Josh Vallum, the first American convicted of a hate crime for murdering a trans person. But was there more to it than his “trans panic” defense? (February 25, Investigation Discovery)

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