The Week in Gay TV: Kathy Griffin Takes on the Royal Wedding and USA goes hiding “In Plain Sight” again

It’s time to take a look ahead at The Week in Gay TV, looking at the shows that will be battling for your attention and for space on your DVR in the days ahead. The May Sweeps have begun and that means a pretty packed TV schedule as some of your favorite shows head to their season finale.

Friday’s TV is heavily focused on the Royal Wedding. While I’m sure there will be a good number of gay viewers tuning in, I’m not a much of a royal watcher so the focus on London mostly means Friday will be a DVR-clearing night for me.

However, there is one bit of Royal programming I’m planning on watching. The TV Guide Channel will be covering the event irreverently with Kathy Griffin’s Insightful and Hilarious Take on the Royal Wedding. Kathy will be joined by camp icon Jackie Collins as well as Chelsea Lately regulars Randy Sklar and Jason Sklar. After weeks of promos and hype for the wedding, I’m ready for some coverage that doesn’t treat the wedding so seriously. If I’m tired about hearing about William and Kate now, I expect I’ll be even more ready for Ms. Griffin’s take once it actually happens.

Yeah, this doesn’t look like it will lead to the slightest bit of hoyay, at all…

Friday also brings a new episode of Smallville as Callum Blue returns for one final battle as General Zod, though it will be Clark that will be headed to the Phantom Zone, as he and Oliver make sure that the prisoners of the Zone haven’t broken free.

Unfortunately, I’m not very excited about this reunion. Smallville frustrated me last season when Zod disappeared late in the season and his return is reminding me that it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Clark face any of Darkseid’s minions. (I was so hoping to see Smallville’s take on Barda, though I did enjoy Deloris Herbig as Granny Goodness.)

“Er, Dean? Is it just me or is table three looking at us like at that convention where we had to keep telling people we’re brothers?”

Meanwhile, with the end of the season for Supernatural getting closer, we finally track down Eve, the Mother of All. Too bad she’s already taken over a town. Considering how last season’s arc turned out to be a dud, I hope Eve turns out to be as compelling a villain as some of Supernatural’s past finale baddies.

And that’s it for Friday, I told you the Royal Wedding takes up most of Friday night’s TV.

BBC America has another new Doctor Who on Saturday, as The Doctor, Lady Captain Jack River, Amy and Rory try to figure out how to stop a menace you forget about when you stop looking at them. (Are they related to the Weeping Angels?)

For the most part, I really enjoyed last week’s premiere. Then it became one of those shows I started liking less once I started reading what the press had to say about it. Once I read that the Doctor’s death at the beginning of the story was supposed to be a big shocking moment, I thought a little less about the show. It’s not like I’m going to believe they’d kill off the main character in the season premiere, so I just shrugged and wondered how they’d fix the situation.

I still dream…

Still, it’s great to see River again. I really like the little bit of pathos they’ve added to her happy-go-luck persona. It’s what I wish Captain Jack were like in the first season of Torchwood. Meanwhile, while I like Rory a lot, there’s something about Amy that still doesn’t work for me. I wish I could figure it out, because I like Amy’s history and I enjoy Karen Gillan’s performance. Still, there’s something about Amy that fails to draw me in the way past companions have.

Saturday also brings the latest Logo Doc, Guys ’N Divas. This documentary takes a look at three rival south Indiana high schools as they put together their winter musicals. One of the schools is creating an original musical, called Kaiulani. That certainly piques my interest since I’m guessing it’s based on the story of Princess Victoria Ka’iulani. I’ve been fascinated by the tragic story of Hawai’i’s last princess for ages, so I’m curious to see it turned into a musical.

Finally, Nickelodeon has more George Takei with a new episode of Supah Ninjas.

USA Network returns to Albuquerque Sunday with the fourth season premiere of the witness protection program drama In Plain Sight. While In Plain Sight doesn’t have any regular gay characters (though I’m still holing out hope) it’s probably USA’s most gay-inclusive show. Sure, White Collar and Fairly Legal have gay characters as part of their regular or recurring casts, but their sexual orientation has been addressed so little you could forget — or never even realize — that those characters are gay. (That will likely change for White Collar next season, thankfully.)

Meanwhile, In Plain Sight has told the stories of gay and lesbian participants in the witness protection program, stories where their romantic lives have had an effect on their participation in the program. Unfortunately, USA doesn’t release a lot of information on what’s happening in upcoming episodes and I’ve always been surprised by In Plain Sight’s gay stories, so we’ll have to wait and see if we’ll get to see Marshall Mary and Marshall Marshall help another queer client.

Fox has a new episode The Simpsons Sunday as Selma marries Fat Tony, leaving Marge apalled as her sister becomes drawn into the luxury lifestyle of being a mob wife. Basically, it sounds like we’ll be getting a Real Housewives of New Jersey/Jersey Shore parody. If this were a few seasons ago, I’d doubt The Simpsons could match up with South Park’s mockery of New Jersey-themed reality shows but the iconic comedy has rediscoverd its voice in recent seasons, so I’m trying to stay optimistic.

Meanwhile, the rest of Fox’s Animation Domination line-up will feature a crossover between the three Seth MacFarlane comedies, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad. Taking a page from ABC, which has had its comedy characters all take a trip to Vegas at the same time or had all their soap characters face a national disaster, all three shows will see a major storm hit the area, with each cast dealing with the consequences separately.

Oh Renee, what would Wilhelmina Slater say if she saw you in that jacket?

ABC has a new Desperate Housewives on Sunday and, while the season has overall been a mess, this week sounds like it could be fun. Bree and Gaby’s friendship gets strained thanks to Gaby moving in with her daughters, who lack the kind of discipline Bree expects. Things get even more complicated when Carlos decides to press charges against Bree for his mother’s death. Meanwhile, Renee actually gets a story (somewhat) as Tom hires her and Lynette to redecorate his office. I’m sure the urge to smack Tom and Lynette will follow, it usually does.

That’s followed by a new Brothers & Sisters and, as you can expect, Olivia will have issues with the new addition to the Walker-Wandell household. I guess it’s time Kevin had “the talk” with Olivia — you know, the one where Kevin tells her how rapidly things change if you’re a member of the Walker family. One moment you’re Justin’s half-sister, the next you’re unrelated to the clan and in a love triangle between Justin and his annoying half-brother. If they don’t have that talk, Kevin’s likely to face a whole lot of trouble when Olivia gets that family tree school project.

The ’Most Despicable Noble’ race is pretty tight but Joffrey puts them all to shame.. even the guy willing to push a little boy to a multi-story fall. 

Finally, HBO has a new episode of A Game of Thrones. I finally got caught up and I’m quite hooked. In fact, I’m resisting the urge to hit the Wikpedia entry for the book series to see how long I have to wait until Prince Joffrey gets his due. I mean, he eventually gets his due, right? Don’t tell me this is going to be as disappointing as Count Olaf’s end in the A Series of Unfortunate events books.

Now that RuPaul’s Drag Race has picked the next drag superstar, it’s time to reunite the drag queens to discuss the past season. I’m going to skip this year’s reunion  because I’ve had enough of the Raja vs Shangela drama and I’m even less excited at the thought of seeing the Heathers together again. Then again, I would like to hear what Stacy Layne and Mimi Imfurst have been doing since filming ended.

Be sure to remember Monday’s reunion show airs an hour early so that The Setup Squad can move to its regular time slot. I’ll admit, I didn’t think The Setup Squad looked promising based on the previews, but I was quickly drawn into the show. Basically, I thought this was like The Millionaire Matchmaker if you replaced all the awful people with ones I’d actually want to watch on TV.

Animated .gif please.

Meanwhile, newcomer Helen quickly became my favorite wingwoman with her reaction to Lauretta. It’s not often reality TV stars actually make me laugh, and Helen certainly accomplished that.

Helen’s matchmaking skills will get put to the test next week as she gets her first client, a strong-willed woman with a firm idea of what she needs from the service. I imagine it won’t be too different from dealing with Lauretta.

While we didn’t get to see Teddy on last week’s 90210, we’ll get to see him and Marco this Monday. Unfortunately, there’s already trouble ahead for them as Teddy catches Marco in a lie. Too bad, we’ll probably have to sit through plenty of Silver’s ’mental illness=hilarity’ storyline and Sally Kellerman proving that everyone who encounters Annie becomes the most annoying part of 90210.

That’s followed by a new Gossip Girl as … eh, I’ve stopped committing memory cells to anything not involving the Dan and Blair courtship.

CBS also has a new How I Met Your Mother as Marshall and Barney clash over the the demolition of the Arcadian Hotel as well as a new Hawaii 5-O, hopefully with plenty of hoyay. A&E has Ryan Buell investigating more hauntings on Paranormal State. ABC has Louis van Amstel dancing (and, probably getting annoyed with his partner) on a new Dancing with the Stars while ABC Family has a new Secfet Life of the American Teenager.

Monday also sees Marshall and Troy go forward with their film project, digging through old footage of Tara on a new United States of Tara, which follows a new Nurse Jackie on Showtime.

After an explosive finale, The Good Wife finally returns on Tuesday. Judging from the previews, Alicia knows who “Leela” was and she knows that Peter slept with Kalinda. It looks like the fallout of the revelation is going to be powerful.

Tuesday also turns out to have a double-feature of Martha Plimpton as the gay-fave returns as Lockhart Gardner rival Patti Nyholm. This time, Patti is turning to LG for help as she wants to challenge her firing from her old firm. I hope we get to see her in a scene with Christine Baranski.

Of course, Plimpton also appears on a new episode of Raising Hope and this sounds like the episode for those of you crushing on Garrett Dillahunt, as he spends some time shirtless as Virginia learns that he has a secret flirty side.

Meanwhile, Kristin Chenoweth returns to Glee as April Rhodes. Will’s former classmate is back in Ohio to try to recruit him to leave town with her. I may adore Matthew Morrison but considering Will’s cringe-inducing ways I wouldn’t mind if he joined her. This is another musically themed episode, as all the songs come from the Fleetwood Mac album “Rumors”. Too bad that leaves out most of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs.

Tuesday also brings  more auditions on NBC’s new hit singing competition The Voice. I don’t usually like Mark Burnett’s reality shows but this one reminds me of Burnett’s last singing competition, Rock Star. The singers are all strong, the judges have great chemistry and I like that these auditions have a generally positive atmosphere with none of the schadenfreude of American Idol’s auditions. I’m surprised that I’m excited to see more and I hope these singers show the kind of creativity the Rock Star competitors did.

Meanwhile, those of you who are animation fans might want to check out The Cartoon Network’s latest attempt to update the classic Looney Tunes characters. Thankfully, The Looney Tunes Show isn’t trying to reinvent classic characters into “edgy” versions reminiscent of Poochie, but attempt to tell new stories in style of the classic cartoons. I don’t know if they’ll be successful, but considering how my partner is such a Daffy Duck fan, we’ll see if they can come close.

Tuesday also brings another results episode of Dancing with the Stars as well as a new set of mystery baskets on Chopped.

Wednesday’s TV is fairly quiet but we do get a new episode of Happy Endings — one with some romance for Max , too! Wednesday sees Brad try to set Max up on a surprise blind date. From the looks of the promotional pictures, I don’t think Max appreciates the set-up one bit.

ABC also has a new Cougar Town while the Pritchetts celebrate Mothers’ Day on a new Modern Family. The holiday brings up an awkward debate for Mitchell and Cameron as they worry about who might be seen as the “mother” in the family. I guess this is when we learn which members of the Pritchett stick to their gender role stereotyping.

Wednesday also brings new episodes of South Park and The Real World while fx has the season finale of Justified.

Thursday bring the penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries, as the full moon brings Klaus’ plan into effect and Tyler’s second transformation. Considering the way this season has been moving, I’ve got my hopes up for another amazing finale. Last season, Kevin Williamson did an amazing job of demonstrating the principle of answering a question by raising some new questions, and I’m expecting similarly amazing. The CW also has a new Nikita as Nikita and Michael go after the final black box.

There is also a lot of comedy on Thursday night. CBS has a new Big Bang Theory as Raj tries to take on his social anxiety disorder. Shouldn’t a few bottles of near beer take care of that?

NBC’s comedy night includes a new Parks & Recreation with Parker Posey heading to Pawnee as Leslie’s counterpart in a rival city. Let’s hope this can make us forget the tedium that was Jezebel James. Community fans will likely be eager to see Thursday’s new episode as the Greendale student body takes up another game of paintball, in the beginning of a two-part finale.

Thursday also brings a new episode of The Office and the season’s penultimate Outsourced. Liz Lemon gets ready for summer vacation on the season finale of 30 Rock while fx airs another unaired episode of Running Wilde. Finally, Current has more of the smartest media commentary on a new infoMania.

As usual, I want to know what show you’re most eager to see this week:

Last week, even Doctor Who couldn’t beat the highly-anticipated “Born This Way” episode of Glee, which got 51% of your votes to Doctor Who’s 21%. The Voice came in a distant third with 9% of the total.

Next week, finale season continues with the wrap-up for Brothers & Sisters, The Vampire Diaries, Outsourced and more!

Lyle Masaki is a fan of obscure superheroes, video games, adorkable guys and that show you loved that got cancelled way too soon.