The Week in Gay TV: Lady Gaga Brings the Monster Ball to HBO, and a Walker Wedding Concludes The “Brothers & Sisters” Season

It’s time again to take a look ahead at The Week in Gay TV to find the shows that will be vying for your attention in the next several days. This week, we’ve got a lot of season finales to anticipate, including the closing chapters of Brothers & Sisters and The Vampire Diaries. This week also has sweeps specials like Lady Gaga’s Madison Square Garden performance on HBO and the TV debut of Becoming Chaz on OWN.

Friday brings the last episode of Smallville before the big finale. With Lois and Clark’s wedding nearing, Jor-El has a special wedding present for Lois — she gets to spend a day with Clark’s powers to understand what its like to walk in his shoes. Of course, a day like that can’t happen without any trouble and it turns out Lois has become Metropolis’ protector just in time for The Toyman’s return. That sounds like something I’d expect in the Silver Age comics.

Meanwhile, there’s still the threat of Darkseid (remember him? I almost thought the Smallville producers didn’t) out there and Kara’s back to try and prepare for his arrival. Meanwhile, Oliver hopes he might have found the way to remove the mark of Omega.

“Hey, my flashback story does not have a guy telling people to ’Suit up!’.”

Smallville’s followed by a new Supernatural that sees Castiel tell the story of the war in Heaven and how he became enemies with Raphael. I just hope he doesn’t  end the story with “…and that’s how Uriel and I became enemies,” followed by more and more stories that never get close to telling the story originally promised. At the least, we can look forward to seeing Mark Sheppard as Crowley again.

Friday also has a new Friday Night Lights as a new player joins The Lions, just in time to see things start to get really tense for the team. Meanwhile, remember how I told you about the unaired episodes of Running Wilde taking over Archer’s time slot on fx? Apparently, people weren’t watching on Thursday night because those episodes have been moved to Friday nights.

If you’ve ever made a list of your monthly expenses trying to figure out how you’d ever find the money to afford tickets to see Lady Gaga perform, you might want to check out HBO on Saturday. The premium channel will be featuring the Grammy-winner with Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden, where she’ll perform some of her hits as well as some of her recent singles.

Lady Gaga’s various TV appearances usually turns into water cooler fodder the next day, so I’m hoping a full show multiplies the jaw-dropping factor.

Now I’m wondering if Gigolos is the creation of a trickster god. Makes sense if you start to think about it…

Meanwhile, if you can’t get to the cineplex to see Thor, the Syfy Channel is already airing it on Saturday. No, wait, Almighty Thor isn’t based on the Marvel comic but another “mockbuster”, this one starring Cody Deal as the mythological god of thunder and Richard Grieco as the trickster god Loki. I wonder if Syfy considered getting the rights do make a movie based on one of the patriotic, WWII-era superheroes who use a shield and aren’t Captain America.

Logo has its newest reality show debuting Saturday, as Pretty Hurts takes a look at the practice of “injector to the stars” Rand Rusher, who helps celebrities keep themselves looking good. That’s followed by the latest Logo Doc, Show Business: The Road to Broadway, which takes a look at what it takes to get a show to open on Broadway, specifically looking at the productions of Wicked, Caroline or Change, the ill-fated Taboo and one of my personal favorites  Avenue Q.

BBC America has a new Doctor Who Saturday and this week The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves on a 17th-century pirate ship that will have to try to survive getting too near to a deadly siren. I usually enjoy the Doctor Who stories where classic monsters turn out to be aliens preying on humanity, like last season’s vampires, so I’m eager to learn what this siren turns out to be.

Following Doctor Who, BBC America has the premiere of a new season of The Graham Norton Show. Graham’s first guests are former Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Catherine Tate. Finally, NBC has a new Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey returning to host.

It’s time for another Walker family celebration Sunday when Sarah and Luc get married on Brothers & Sisters’ season finale. The long-running drama has been on the bubble for most of the season, so this week’s finale looks like it’ll try to end the season on a satisfying note if it is the last we see of the Walker clan.

This season, Brothers & Sisters started strong, only for the drama to revisit its worst habits, suddenly ending new storylines and making more changes to the Walker family tree. If it does get a last-minute reprieve, I hope the creative team can put together a focused season that lives up to these great characters and amazing cast.

Felicia’s real plan to destroy Wisteria Lane involves stealing the story bible from the writers’ room.

ABC also has the penultimate Desperate Housewives of the season as Paul begins to suspect that Susan has been poisoning him. I know Desperate Housewives makes the continuity on Glee look tight, but I wish the writers didn’t forget that Susan’s terrible cooking was a recurring joke in the early days of Wisteria Lane. Considering how little these characters have grown over the past several years, it’s hard to buy that she’s become someone who can start cooking all of her neighbor’s meals. This is the character who could ruin a pan of store-bought mac & cheese when she attempted to reheat it.

Fox has a new night of animated comedies starting with a new episode of American Dad that sees an argument over how to decorate the house lead to Stan and Francine splitting the house down the middle. From the looks of things, neighbors Terry and Greg show up in this one, I guess because of the decorating talk.

That’s followed by a new episode of The Simpsons that sees Homer become Springfield’s hottest new hairdresser, only to discover he can’t stand talking to his clients. Amy Sedaris brings her voice to a new episode of Bob’s Burgers as Bob’s family befriends the local mortician while the restaurant goes through repairs. Finally, the night wraps with a new episode of The Cleveland Show.

Sunday also brings new episodes of In Plain Sight as Mary deals with a witness struggling to deal with paranoia and more royal machinations on Game of Thrones.

It’s time for the prom on Monday’s 90210. Unfortunately, there’s little mention of Teddy having a story but at least we know he’ll be there (as well as Teddy’s new guy, Marco.) Apparently, the 90210 team thinks we’d be a lot more interested in seeing Adrianna trying to steal Navid back from Silver. That’s followed by the season’s penultimate Gossip Girl as Jack Back returns to the city, ready to start creating more trouble for Chuck.

It’s another Zoe episode on How I Met Your Mother as the gang can’t stop themselves from revealing their true feelings about her. I haven’t found her very interesting but I suspect that’s due to this season’s uneven writing and Ted being the only HIMYM character who has gotten less interesting over the years. Then, the Hawaii Five-O team gets closer to capturing Wo Fat. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean hottie Mark Dacascos will be showing up in the episode.

“I can’t hold it back any longer. Zoe is our Ryan Lafferty.”

Meanwhile, Showtime has new episodes of Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara, which should finally bring another sighting of Ted. Logo has a new episode of Setup Squad while ABC Family has a new episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Tuesday, the Oprah Winfrey Network debuts the latest documentary from Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato (who previously gave us gems like The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Inside Deep Throat.) Becoming Chaz takes a look at the journey Chaz Bono took when he decided to transition from the female body he was born into. The story includes a look at how Chaz’s mother, gay icon Cher, handled the change. Despite her history with the GLBT community, I understand its a challenging situation for her. Becoming Chaz is followed by a special hour long discussion hosted by Rosie O’Donnell. It should be powerful stuff.

Tuesday also brings Jonathan Groff back to Glee as McKinley High celebrates the prom, an event that becomes a little less recreational for New Directions when they end up having to perform. Not only will Kurt be showing up (in a kilt!), we can expect to see Blaine and Karofsky as well. With only a few episodes left this season, I hope we get to see some movement in Karofsky’s storyline.

“And I thought it was bad when I lived in a trailer park and lived near that horrible woman, Joy.”

So far, we’ve seen a few cast members from Greg Garcia’s previous sitcom My Name is Earl appear on Raising Hope, but this week we get a double-feature with Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee as the Chances’ neighbors. Their drama gets picked up by Hope’s baby monitor, prompting Burt and Virginia to try to help them through their troubles.

Now that the auditions are over, it’s time for the first battle round on The Voice. After spending time with their coaches, the 32 semi-finalists will be paired off and have to fight it out in a “dueling duet” that will see one singer being dropped from the team. We now have two gay male competitors in the competition, Tyler and Nakia. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they make it to the finals, but they’ve got some strong competition.

With Alicia still reeling from the revelation of her husband’s infidelity on Tuesday’s episode of The Good Wife, she finds herself defending a woman (played by Sarah Silverman) who runs a website to help adulterous spouses hook up. From the looks of things, that’s a toxic combination pushing Alicia to confront Kalinda about her part in the affair.

 Planet Green has a new episode of The Fabulous Beekman Boys as Brent tries to bring some business to Sharon Springs during the slow winter season with a new  event. The Victorian Festival tries to bring Victorian-era style to town.

Finally, I thought I’d mention something that I know I’m eager to see. Tuesday, PBS’ Independent Lens takes a look at the life of Benazir Bhutto, the first woman elected to lead a Muslim country. The documentary promised to take a look at the complex picture that was Bhutto’s life. With Pakistan in the news right now, this sounds like a good way to understand the country better.

With his average joe personality and abundant charm, it looks like plenty of you have quickly become big fans of Happy EndingsMax (I’ve become a big fan, too!) After this week’s Happy Endings double-feature, I expect those feelings will be even stronger.

Why? Both episodes have a story with Max’s romantic life in focus. In the first episode, Robin tries to change Max’s mind when he passes on a guy she thinks is perfect for him. It should be interesting to see what Robin sees as the perfect guy for Max, but at least we know she’s not a gaycist like her husband.

“Can we save the ’fashist pig’ talk for the fifth date? Also, if we make it to our first anniversary I’m getting you a Speak & Spell.”

Following that, Max becomes a neighborhood activist when he tries to stop a national coffee chain from opening a store next to Alex’s shop. However, the protest gets complicated when he realizes that the coffee chain is being opened by his new boyfriend.

Did I mention that the boyfriend is played by Veronica Mars cutie Max Greenfield? That makes me want to jump ahead in time to Wednesday night, even if that means missing Glee. Does anyone know where I could find a TARDIS?

Wednesday also has a new Modern Family as Mitchell has to try to figure out what to do with his tickets to see Lady Gaga when Cameron comes down with a particularly bad case of the flu. Meanwhile, Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda appears as an entrepreneur who gets business advice from Jay.

Wednesday also brings a new Cougar Town as Travis tries to recover from his heartbreak as well as a new South Park and a new episode of The Real World.

I have to admit, I’m surprised how much I’m drawn into this season of The Real World, despite it initially looking like a retread of the first, horrible Vegas season. So far there have been discussions about domestic violence, homophobia, gay-for-pay and, now, safe sex. It’s all been done with plenty of reality TV drama instead of the earnest interest of the early Real World seasons, but it’s far more interesting than what I braced myself to watch.

No, the phrase ’calm before the storm’ does not come to mind at all.

Thursday is a big night of finales including the season wrap-up for the CW’s Thursday night dramas. That starts with a Vampire Diaries that sees a deadly aftermath to Klaus’ ritual last week. With things having ended so calmly (and almost feeling like a season premiere), I can’t wait to see what kind of surprises the Vampire Diaries team have planned for the finale.

The CW also has the finale of Nikita as Percy makes his move to take over the CIA and Nikita has to try to deal with Alex’s betrayal. I was pretty happy with last week’s reveal that Percy was aware that Michael was working with Nikita and making use of his switch. In the past few episodes, Nikita and Michael have been making some sloppy mistakes and I’m glad to hear that wasn’t sloppy writing at work.

NBC’s Thursday night comedies start off with the season finale of Community as the paintball tournament continues. Meanwhile, I’ll be listening to my partner scream at the TV about the importance of protective eye-wear while playing paintball. There’s also the penultimate episode of The Office as Dwight takes over as acting manager, a double-feature of Parks & Recreation and the Outsourced finale.

Considering how much I hated it when it debuted, I’m surprised to say that I’m hoping Outsourced gets a surprise renewal. It made me cringe at first, but it’s become a lot less stereotypical as the characters developed further. If Outsourced gets canceled, I hope I don’t have to wait long before I see Parvesh Cheena and Anisha Nagarajan on TV again.

Finally, Current takes a humor bat at the week of media with a new infoMania.

With such a crazy week, I’m interested in hearing what show you’re most eager to seeing:

Last week, Glee’s Fleetwood Mac episode was your pick with 45% of your votes, The musical didn’t dominate the poll as it often does, as Max’s blind date on Happy Endings came in second with 35% of the total.

Next week, there will be even more series wrapping up their seasons including Smallville and The Office.


Lyle Masaki is a fan of obscure superheroes, video games, adorkable guys and that show you loved that got cancelled way too soon.