The Week In Gleek: Blaine And Kurt Kiss, Demi Lovato Playing Gay For Naya Rivera, More!

Kurt + Blaine = Klaine Once More

The long drought it over for Klaine fans: After a season spent mostly apart (minus their wedding-reception hookup) Kurt and Blaine appear to be reunited (in some form) for Season 5, according to images and video from the Glee set this week. That pair will duet on “Got To Get You Into My Life” in the first Beatles tribute episode, set around a seemingly romantic picnic in the McKinley courtyard. The two flirt and dance while weaving around a marching band and close the number on—wait for it—a kiss.

We’ll just say now: If this is a fantasy dream sequence,  heads will roll.

demilovatoDemi Lovato Joins Glee Cast—To Play Santana’s Love Interest?

Thursdays are Demi Days in the Fall, at least on Fox. The X Factor judge has been tapped for a recurring role on Glee as a struggling artist in NYC, interacting primarily with Rachel, Santana and Adam Lambert’s mystery character. However, we suspect she might have an even more pivotal role than anticipated: Fans have been speculating hat one of the new female, New York-based characters will wind up being Santana’s potential love interest, and Lovato’s character is a frontrunner. Although the news has mostly been framed as Lovato’s Dani being Rachel’s friend, she’ll reportedly have a duet with Santana to “Here Comes The Sun” in her first episode on October 3.  Naya Rivera also cheekily tweeted, “So excited for @ddlovato to join our cast! Wonder what we’ll get up to in NYC!”

We don’t know if we want this rumor to be true, since the combined hotness of Demi and Naya could blow out our TV. Eh, we’ll take the risk.

Finn’s Cause of Death Won’t Be Addressed On Show

While the third episode of Glee’s new season will deal with the death of Finn, the beloved Gleek won’t have passed away from a drug overdose. According to show co-creator Ryan Murphy, the Glee team considered having Finn’s death mirror Monteith’s but finally decided for a more vague route: “Basically, what we’re doing in the episode is we are not telling you yet, or maybe not at all, how that character died,” said Murphy.

The episode will reportedly deal with the gang’s grief, but not shed light on the circumstances of Finn’s death. Filming begins in the next few weeks for the cast and crew, followed by a three-week break from production. “We loved Cory and we loved Finn and it feels like a huge loss and a huge heartache not to have either of them around,” said Murphy. “We’re trying to craft an episode that’s not just about us grieving but about a lot of the young fans grieving.”

Lea Michele Posts Happy Photos With Friends

It’s so good to see Lea smiling again!  After making her first public post-tragedy appearance at the Teen Choice Awards, the star is getting back to happiness and back to work. Michelee recently posted a photo montage on Instagram that includes her, stylist Estee Stanley, hairdresser Mark Townsend and makeup artist Melaine Inglesias.

“Beautiful shoot w/my glam family… I love them so much!” Lea captioned the photo.