‘The Wolverine’ Trailer: How Badly Do You Want Hugh Jackman To Go Rated R?

Hugh Jackman as conflicted superhero Wolverine is a movie character we don’t plan to shake from our psyche any time soon, especially considering what Hugh Jackman looks like sans shirt. However, the Wolverine we’ve seen on screen in the X-Men films has kept things relatively clean, and the same applies to this year’s The Wolverine, a PG-13 romp that follows Wolfie all the way to Japan.

In an interview with MTV, Jackman has a surprising take on the issue, telling Josh Horowitz that you need a “really good reason” to make a darker, rated-R version of Wolverine that would keep the young’ins out of the theater. With that being said, if Hugh wants to push a cut of the film that involves partial nudity and dirty secrets, who are we to get in his way?

We might as well start the social media campaign now, so get your hashtags in order! Let’s make #ratedrwolverine happen, people!

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