Trans Community Takes Center Stage in New Revry Docuseries “Them”

The three-part series features an entirely trans and nonbinary cast.

While it is important to highlight the very real epidemic of violence transgender people face, it is equally vital to uplift stories of trans joy and prosperity. Them, a new docuseries from Revry, a digital LGBTQ cable network, is doing just that.

Released this Friday, November 20, to coincide with the culmination of Transgender Awareness Week, Them is a three-part series featuring a diverse cast of all trans, gender non-conforming, and nonbinary people. The episodes were filmed behind the scenes of a music video for the song “Them” by Irish-Italian pop singer Flavia.

In a statement, Flavia recalled writing the song about a relationship she’d had with a transmasculine nonbinary person. When it came time to shoot a music video, she wanted to use her platform to highlight trans and nonbinary people living authentically and joyfully. With the new docuseries, Flavia and director-editor Basil Mironer, along with Revry, aim to further that work — and to educate cisgender people about what it’s really like to navigate the world as a trans or gender non-conforming person.

“Much of the LGBTQ community is represented, but within that, the ’T’ is so underrepresented,” Flavia added. “Trans people have the highest number of homelessness and unemployment… and people just don’t know.”

Included in the music video (and subsequent docuseries) is Kai Wes, a nonbinary activist who starred in the groundbreaking sexually fluid season of MTV’s reality dating competition show Are You the One?. “The euphoria of feeling aligned in your body and your mind… that is a real privilege if you’ve never experienced that discomfort,” Wes said in a statement. “And that’s why it’s so, so important to understand that transitioning is more than just about physicality.”

Watch Them for free on Revry, and scroll through below for exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from the set of the docuseries.

Courtesy of Revry
Courtesy of Revry
Courtesy of Revry
Courtesy of Revry
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