There Is Now A Lisa Frank Tarot Card Set And We Must Have It


The ancient tradition of Tarot gets a facelift in a new deck of Tarot cards inspired by the colorful designs of Lisa Frank.

Today, artist and social media maven Ariel Hart has sent the cyber world into a veritable tizzy with the unveiling of her Lisa Frank inspired Tarot cards. Hart brings back nearly all of the original beloved Frank characters (sassy cats, flirty puppies and coquettish cheetahs abound) into the deck and re-imagines them as part of the traditional 22-card set.

In an email sent to the Huffington Post, Hart explained the power of Frank’s quirky design and why it makes sense that it could transition seamlessly from kitschy school supplies to Tarot cards to anything in between:

“Lisa Frank is a great example of a brand that was likely intended for young people that inadvertently found a way to stick with them for the rest of their lives.”

And thank goodness it has. Check out some of our favorite cards from the deck below!


See the rest of the cards on Hart’s website!

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