Indian Tradition Meets Gay Love In Queer Desi Weddings: PHOTOS


Marriage equality is a universal concern, as  The Big Fat Indian Wedding illustrated with a recent post spotlighting the weddings of gay people of Indian descent.  While India itself has regressed on LGBT rights—re-criminalizing homosexuality in 2013—queer Desis are tying the knot around the world, demonstrating the power of love over law.

Check out a few examples below, and jump over to Big Fat Indian Wedding for more gorgeous photos.


Seattle couple Sean and Jono arrived at their ceremony in separate wedding processions (baraats) coming in from opposite sides of the street.


Photographer Steph Grant captured the L.A. nuptials of Shannon and Seema, who both got mehndi, the henna body art traditionally worn by a bride on her wedding day.


This  unnamed gay couple was one of the 33 twosomes to get married when Macklemore performed “Same Love” at the 2014 Grammys.