These Squirrels’ Fashion Is On Point


Meet Mary Krupa, a rising senior at Penn State University, known around campus as “The Squirrel Whisperer” for her extremely close relationship with the squirrels of State College, PA.

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Krupa is now taking her knack for squirrel-talk by turning it into a hilarious Facebook page: Sneezy The Penn State Squirrel, where she dresses and stages various squirrel friends in hilarious and just plain fierce costumes and miniature sets.

Did you think you’d ever live to see a squirrel DJ?


Think again.

How about a proper Victorian lady lunching in the park?



Don’t worry, they’ve got the hula girls covered, too.


And who doesn’t loves a donut?


In a YouTube interview, Krupa explained her motivation behind the passion project.

I’m a huge animal-lover. Wwhen I saw that the squirrels here are really so friendly to let you touch them, I figured, hmm, well if the squirrel lets me touch it, maybe I can put a little hat on it.

Guess it’s that simple sometimes!

Move over, dogs of Instagram. Sneezy is coming for your wigs.

Watch Krupa’s interview below.

h/t: HelloGiggles