These “Stranger Things” Mashups Are Everything

We're waiting for our 16-bit "Stranger Things" Atari game.

We’ve made no secret about our love of Netflix’s Stranger Things—and we’re hardly alone. Fan art is all over the place, and the show has its own Internet memes and hashtags. (Check out #BarbsDiary if you haven’t already)

With a show so steeped in retro pop culture, it was only a matter of time before people starting expanding the possibilities and pairing it with other things.

Like a VHS tape (ask Mom and Dad.)

stranger things

or an adventure video game.

Stranger Things with Candy.


A shout out to Frasier.

Then there’s the Stranger Things D&D set.

How about as a ’80s sitcom? (Anyone remember Just the Ten of Us?)

And then there’s this bit of brilliance.

Coo-sin Larry, don’t be ridiculous!

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