These Trump Bros Bro Out HARD For Donald Trump

"Eighteen-year-olds, we really value action. Who's gonna come through? For us, that's Trump!"

Meet 18-year-old friends Brody Buck, Turner Eakins and Tate Moyer, part of a nascent movement of bros for Donald Trump.

In a video interview with CNN, the guys explain why they’re so gung-ho for the entrepreneur/reality star.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.25.03 PM

“Politics is supposed to be boring. So, when three 18-year-old kids are driving out to go to a Trump rally: That’s a movement!”

It’s also a tailgate party, but we digress.

The lads feel like Trump is the best shot the United States has for regaining its lost glory—whatever that may be.

“In school we learned about how America was great, you know, a while ago or whatever,” says Brody. “And I kinda want to live through that as an 18-year-old.”

trump bros 3

They also deflect criticism the Donald has received for some of his comments.

“Ordinary citizens say stuff like that and I wouldn’t say any of us are sexist for using those terms,” mansplains Turner. “If you take that away, then you lose the authenticity.”

With their dude mannerisms, cut-off tees and big goofy smiles, it’s not hard to mistake the interview for a preamble to a porn video. Heck, even their names sound like Sean Cody models. (Tate, we’re looking at you.)

Well, maybe that’ll come later.



h/t: New Republic

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