These Two Women Make History As First Trans Candidates To Win Congressional Primaries

They also happen to share the same name, Misty.

A pair of trans women named Misty, one of Utah and the other of Colorado, made history last night when primary voters selected them to run for spots in Congress in the fall, marking a first in major-party American politics.

Misty Snow will run against tea party favorite Sen. Mike Lee in Utah while Misty Plowright will go up against Rep. Doug Lamborn in Colorado. Though the candidates led enthusiastic and well-supported campaigns, both women are running in highly-conservative areas, which could prove challenging for the nominees this fall.

misty snow

Misty Snow, a 30-year-old Salt Lake City resident, worked as a grocery store clerk before being selected as her party’s nominee for Utah’s vacant seat in the US Senate. In her primary campaign, Snow bested her competition by nearly 20 percentage points by leaning to the left with a progressive platform that focused on increasing the minimum wage, offering paid family leave and reforming the criminal justice system.

misty plowright

Misty Plowright, who worked in IT before landing her party’s nomination, performed similarly well in her own congressional district, earning 13,000 votes over her opponents 9,000. She won over voters in her hometown of Colorado Springs by committing to supporting veterans, reforming education and restructuring the federal tax system.

After taking a day to celebrate their victories, these two nominees are sure to get right back to work as they keep their eyes tightly focused on November 8.

h/t: Politico

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