This Amazing Artist Is Using Lego To Support Marriage Equality In Ireland


With Ireland’s historic vote on marriage equality coming on May 22, camps on both sides of the issue have upped the ante in getting the word out.

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The most creative campaign we’ve seen, though, comes from photographer Debbie Hickey, who is using Lego toys to encourage people to vote “Yes” on same-sex marriage on the Emerald Isle.


Lego, of course, come from Denmark, where marriage equality has been legal since 2012.

While many of the images are upbeat, or even downright silly, some are more poignant.


Things are looking bright for gay couples in Ireland, with recent polls showing up to 75% plan to vote “Yes,” and make Ireland the first country on earth to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote.


Check out more awesome Lego equality images below.

h/t: Distractify


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