This Anti-Gay Group Kicked Off Its Conference With The Gayest Performance In Recorded History

"I don't know what he's doing—that's why I'm hesitating."

MassResistance is an anti-gay hate group that opposes marriage equality and anti-bullying programs as attempts to “normalize homosexuality.” Members even attacked Governor Mitt Romney as being too soft on LGBT rights.

So it’s a little surprising the group’s Texas chapter opened its teen summit with… this.

This might even be too gay for us.

According to Right Wing Watch, the dazzling display took place at the Teens4Truth summit in Dallas, aimed at confronting teens and their parents with the “truth” about LGBT people.

Reverend Robert Oscar Lopez, head of the Texas chapter of MassResistance, invited Florida minister Derek Paul on stage to perform, though as Lopez admits in his intro, “I don’t know what he’s doing—that’s why I’m hesitating.”

In a related Facebook Live, Paul told Lopez how he tells the gay men he preaches to at Flames of Fire Ministry that if they stay in the “lifestyle,” they’ll go to Hell.

But, don’t worry, God is always there to offer a lifeline.

“There’s nowhere you can run, you can’t get away from Him,” says Paul, making the Almighty sound like a stalker ex-boyfriend. “He will always find you. He will always be there for you. He will not let you enjoy your sin.”


Lopez adds that society pretty much encourages kids to be gay, promising them everything short of a PlayStation 4 if they get caught up in the lifestyle, even if they don’t have genuine attractions for members of the same sex.

“I can picture tons of people thinking, ‘Oh wow, this is like, everyone has such a great body and they have such great clothes and they all seem to be fun and everybody loves them, so let me become part of it, but I don’t actually want to do anything,’” Lopez says, adding that there’s “an incentive” to being gay.

“You’re giving them a cultural hope and a social hope that’s totally disconnected from the actual physical reality of what it does to your body and everything else. That’s worse than if you were to go and give them a diagram of sodomy in kindergarten. Because then, at least, they get a graphic, pretty shocking, description of it.”

Hey kids, nap time is over—Revered Lopez wants to show you some diagrams!

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