This Coming Out Animation Video Is Going Viral

It spreads an importance message of self-discovery and acceptance.

A coming out animation video is trending on YouTube, and once you see it you’ll understand why.

The video, simply titled “Coming Out (Animation),” is by artist Katzun. It has already racked up nearly a million views at time of writing, and is in the top 30 trending videos on the platform.

coming out animation

As she explains in the description, Katzun grew up in the type of conservative, religious environment that made it hard to come out. But she reports her life has improved since making the choice to live her truth openly, and she refuses to be shamed any longer:

I know a lot of you already know that I’m gay, but I decided to make a video about it because I had a lot to say on the subject. I’ve had the misfortune of growing up in a homophobic area and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I just wanna let you know that it IS going to get better, even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment. You’re doing nothing wrong by loving who you want to love. Those idiots who call it a sin are the only people doing something wrong. Love y’all.

The cartoon is a heartfelt exploration into the experience of waking up to who you truly are, then trying to suppress it, before finally realizing the path to freedom lies not in sublimation or denial, but rather in powerful self-acceptance and love.

It is, in that way, sending a message that is particularly relatable for those in the LGBTQ community, but also carries universal truths that can impact anyone.


Watch the video below.

Speaking of coming out, National Coming Out Day is only one month away, occurring annually on October 11.

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