This “Fight Scene” Is Exactly Why We Need To Watch More Telenovelas

These guys can't keep their hands off of each other.

When two characters on TV aren’t even speaking in your native language and you still can’t take your eyes off the screen, then you know it must be good.

That was the case with a dramatic scene from the telenovela Sortilegio, which recently saw a fight between two stepbrothers, played by actors William Levy and David Zepeda, quickly turn from a hotheaded brawl to a homoerotic wresting match.

In typical soap opera fashion, the boys are fighting over being in love with the same woman, but it looks like it’s actually each other’s clothes that they’re about to rip off.

Come for all the outrageous moments that you’ve learned to expect from a telenovela, and stay for the half-naked “fight” like this one.


Check out all of the drama in the scene below.

h/t: The Gaily Grind

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