This Sickening New Tumblr Makes Everyone Famous Into A Ginger


Ever wondered what some of your favorite stars would look like ginge-ified?

A new Tumblr/Instagram account, Put A Rang On It, takes snaps of your favorite famous folks–from Oprah to Leo to RiRi–and gives them the redhead treatment (complete with freckles!).

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The blog–created by Aussie advertising creatives Nadia Ahmad and Josephine Burns–is named both in solidarity to Queen Bey and as a hat tip to the Aussie slang term “ranga,” which means redhead.

“The name was too good to not do something with, so I recently decided to focus on famous faces and the response has been overwhelming in just a few days of it launching,” Ahmad wrote to MTV News in an email.

Check out some of the celebs–many of whom actually look better as gingers.

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