This “Voice” Singer’s Soaring Version of “Chandelier” Will Fill You With Life

What was Adam waiting for?

Meet Jordan Smith from Harlan, Kentucky.

He appeared on Monday’s season premiere of The Voice, and absolutely blew away the judges and audience with a blind audition of Sia’s “Chandelier.”

Take a look.

Adam Levine told him the Sia song is “probably one of the most challenging vocals for anyone to sing, let alone a male vocalist. With every person you turned around, you got better. And that shows me how ready you are for this… I think you’re the most important person that’s ever been on this show.”

Jordan explained how he’s often mistaken for a woman, and says he’s learned over the years that “it’s okay to be different.”

Even though Adam was the most reluctant to swivel his chair, Jordan ended up picking him because why not?


But Adam was still marveling after the show ended.

Congrats, Jordan, and good luck!

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