This Week's Infatuations: 90s Nick, Lite Brite got big, Quidditch!

With the heat index reaching “OMG THIS IS TORTURE,” I’ve had plenty of time to stay indoors growing pale and watching the Interwebz. I’ve found some pretty good stuff… maybe this whole indoors thing isn’t so bad. Check out this week!

The 90s are All That!

If you had any shred of childhood/teenage years in the 1990s and had cable, you’ll remember 90s Nickelodeon. Everyone has their favorite show, be that Hey Arnold! or Clarissa Explains it All. I’ve heard (and participated) in more than one debate about Stoop Kid or why Doug’s neighbors were a strange shade of aqua.

But NOW, we can relive these magical moments in the veil of darkness, starting July 25. Tune in to TeeNick on midnight for four hours of Nickelodeon goodness! It’s called the 90s are All That, and it should make you cry tears of joy.

Not your little brother’s Lite Brite

As a kid I had a Lite Brite, and I was perpetually amused with it. It usually just involved me making horrible patterns and repeatedly breaking it, though. This artist took the idea to the next level, making a stunning and HUGE piece of beautiful work. The five-year-old me is jealous and may want to kick it. check it out!

Two strange dudes on the moon

I don’t know what it is about this video, but I’m captivated. Done in true Tim and Eric style, it’s odd, very very awkward but also hilarious. It might just be the fact that I’m obsessed with crass humor and dorky guys. Who knows? Either way… give Tyler & Gurk a try. You might like it. Or hate me.

Living my dream. No, seriously. Muggle Quidditch players.

My Harry Potter addiction is becoming life-impeding. I can’t get to sleep tonight with a little fix… just a few pages from HP4 will get me by. Hence I was quite delighted to see Sports Illustrated’s gallery of real-life muggle (non magic people) Quidditch teams. I have hope! And also, severe envy. My college doesn’t have this, and my dean will soon be getting a complaint.

Go Barbara!

So I may be a little late to the game, but this website has given me more joy than most of my loved ones can. It takes the beloved Barbara Striesand song and let’s you insert your own fun words. Immediately upon learning this I did about 15 different ones and sent them to all of my friends. They now hate me. Let me live my life!