Thom Filicia Talks “Queer Eye” Anniversary, New Projects & Tina Fey

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

It may be hard to believe, but the groundbreaking reality show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy premiered ten years ago today, something Bravo is celebrating with an all day marathon of the series. We meanwhile took some time to chat with Thom Filicia, the show’s interior design genius, about what he has been up to recently.

And let us tell you, this man has been keeping busy.

Well, first things first, we can happily report that all five cast members from Queer Eye are still the best of friends, and hang out as often as possible. Thom told us he was having dinner this evening with Ted Allen and Carson Kressley in NYC, and that Jay Rodriguez and Kyan Douglas couldn’t make it because they were in LA and traveling, respectively.

“We were together for a good amount of time, almost living together,” Thom explains. “And we had all these amazing experiences, like winning an Emmy. Also, we all had very different points of view and areas of expertise so we were never really competing with one another, we were more like brothers, and supporting one another.”

As for any fear Thom may have looking back at some of his early fashions from the beginning of the show, he has already found  a scapegoat to pin it all on — Carson.

“I am 100% convinced that my early looks were probably tragic,” he joked. “The good news is I was being styled by Carson that first season, so I can say it’s not my fault.”

Since the show ended, Thom has continued to grow his business, and work with charitable organizations like The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and their Hamptons Paddle & Party For Pink and Hamptons Holiday Showhouse.


Most exciting however is Thom’s latest book American Beauty, a look at a fixer-upper Thom purchased in New York’s Finger Lakes and his experience working on the home for two years. Oh, and best of all, there’s an intro from former Filcia client Tina Fey, whose Upper West Side apartment he designed.

Things just keep on getting better and better for Thom.