Thousands Of Gay Geeks Unite At Flame Con, New York’s First LGBT Comic Con

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More than 2,000 people attended the inaugural Flame Con, New York’s first LGBT-focused comic con on Saturday, making it the biggest of its kind in the U.S.

Our friends at Geeks Out produced the daylong event, held at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, where gay, bi, trans and ally pop-culture lovers pored over a plethora of comics, games, art, clothes and more.

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The queer con phenomenon is only a few years old—the best known is Bent Con in Los Angeles—but it’s a trend that only seems to be growing, drawing fans and talent alike. (Flame con welcomed both legendary Wonder Woman artist Phil Jimenez and Midnighter writer Steve Orlando.)

But the goal of such events is not to isolate LGBT fans, or make straight geeks feel unwelcome. “It’s really just a place where, for once, we can be in the majority,” said one attendee. “Where we can wear whatever we want, be with whoever we want, and not worry about being judged or getting weird looks.”

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In addition to vendors and comic talents, the inaugural Flame Con hosted panel discussions on everything from “A Queer Reading of Sherlock Holmes” to transgender themes in geek culture.   There was also a dramatic reading from the stars of Welcome to Night Vale, Cecil Baldwin and Dylan Marron.

And a horror panel featuring “scream queen” Mark Patton, the openly gay star of  the VERY homoerotic A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. freddie nightmare

And what queer con would be complete without the X-men lipsycing for their lives?

Nightcrawler slaying the lipsync #flamecon #xmen #cosplay

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  Check out more highlights from Flame Con 2015 below!


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My favorite Drag play of the show so far…. #flamecon A photo posted by Jezza Smilez (@jezzasmilez) on

Nightcrawler slaying the lipsync #flamecon #xmen #cosplay   A photo posted by Martin (@mmrales) on

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