Three Travel Hacks To Try In 2018

From packing to airfare to sweet digs, we've got you covered in the new year.

“To travel more” routinely appears on the list of top New Year’s resolutions each year. In fact, according to an NBC News article there were 5,964,130 travel-related Google searches leading up to last New Year. So, if frequent globetrotting has made your to-do list for 2018, consider a few of these travel hacks to make your experience the best it can be.

  1. Avoid rookie mistakes (like not packing a winter coat for your January trip to Vegas, something I’ve done; or forgetting your shaving kit for a week in Milan, something I’ve also done) with the new smart, interactive voice-driven packing assistant, Blue Bot (BB), on Google Home from KLM Airlines. BB uses artificial intelligence to help travelers pack everything they need based on local weather as well as other specific items they will need relevant to the destination, including visas that may need to be arranged.

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    Instead of spending all your cash on hotels, consider swapping your home with others living in the places you want to go. For merely a $150 annual membership fee (and that’s it), travelers can stay in amazing digs like design-focused estates in Cape Town, treehouses in Costa Rica, or a recently restored Modernista apartment in Barcelona (photo above). In some cases travelers can even score added benefits during a swap like use of cars or pet-friendly home (of which there are currently 11,629 listings).

  3. Search for airfares using

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    No one was more skeptical than I of using a service called to book air travel, however, when recently looking for a flight using major search engines, I not only found the cheapest fare available I also found the best itinerary for the flight using this service. Best of all, travelers who book a domestic flight before December 31, can get a promo code on the CheapoAir home page worth $20 off toward related fees.

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