Throwback Thursday: When Young Harrison Ford Was A Hunky Carpenter Years Before “Star Wars”

Before he was Han Solo, Ford was Hollywood's go-to builder.

Without spoiling anything, we can say Harrison Ford gave a strong performance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The 73-year-old is still in fighting shape, mixing it up with smugglers and stormtroopers alike.

But it’s a vintage photo of Ford, posted by legendary musician Sergio Mendes, that caught our eye this week.

“Before Han Solo, there was a great carpenter named Harrison Ford,” wrote Mendes on Facebook. “And here he is, with his crew, the day he finished building my recording studio back in 1970…Thank you Harrison…may the force be with you.”

That’s a 38-year-old Ford on the far right, seven years before the first Star Wars movie was released.

Since we’re talking, check out a few more vintage shots of Han Solo below.

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harrison ford
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