Thursgay night television

As we mentioned last week, Thursday is fast becoming the gayest night on the tube. This week the avalanche of queer continues, with a handful of gay characters, actors, and stories on several networks.

rebecca_romijn-stamos.jpgUgly Betty (ABC) continues to mine its transgendered revenge plot, with Rebecca Romijn (nee Stamos) playing the sister (formerly a brother) of Betty’s boss. In tonight’s episode Wilhemina (Vanessa Williams, who herself has been looking a bit draggy at recent awards shows) takes Alexis (nee Alexander) to a bar for a “girls’ night”, and Alexis is hit on by a piggish lout, played by Romijn’s real-life boyfriend Jerry O’Connell (har, har). I kind of dug the way that last week’s episode showed all of the characters growing to understand Alexis in their own way and at their own pace — let’s hope for more of the same (and for more of Betty’s hilarious and almost-definitely-gay nephew, Justin).

Tonight’s War at Home (Fox) continues with the story of recently-out teen neighbor Kenny, who find himself and his date barred from the school’s Sadie Hawkins dance. When the school learns that Kenny has been living with the Golds (since his parents kicked him out), things get complicated. Kenny’s story has been amazingly well-handled (thanks to having a gay exec producer, in part), and has breathed new life into the once-nondescript sitcom. Take notice, ’Til Death! 1

steve_agee_m4.jpgThere’s also a new Sarah Silverman Program (Comedy Central) — and this one might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, for a lot of viewers on the fence with the show and Silverman’s brand of insult comedy. It seems that in this episode Sarah gets an AIDS test (just for fun!) and winds up making some pretty audacious comments about people with AIDS. I understand that her character is supposed to be stuck at age 10 and meant to reveal our petty prejudices and shortcomings, but some of the commercials for the episode push the limits (the line about putting all people with AIDS on the moon, while obviously intended to be stupid, is still pretty tasteless). Still, I’ll give it a shot — I think overall the show is much smarter than people give it credit for, and hopefully within the context of the episode the topic will be handled better than the promos let on. No word on what the furry gay best friends will be up to, but they’ve been consistently funny thus far.

Speaking of basic cable, BBC America runs a new In the City (nee Hollyoaks…) tonight (we posted about it here) — although it doesn’t look like the main gay character Adam actually becomes gay until the tenth episode or so, there’s likely some interesting stuff to be had in this imported soap (and villianous, bisexual Burton is always good for a laugh).

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