Tiffany Trump Tries to Be an LGBTQ Ally, Fails Miserably

Grab some iced coffee. There's a lot to unpack here.

Tiffany Trump is coming for Eric Trump’s gig as the queer community’s most mocked member of the Trump family.

The President’s 27-year-old daughter has gone viral after video footage of her speaking at a “Trump Pride” election event in Florida made the rounds on Twitter this morning. Clips show Tiffany onstage in a pink bandage dress praising her father’s… *checks notes* support of the queer community? Yes, you read that correctly.

“I know what my father believes in,” she told a sparse-looking crowd at the event this past weekend. “Prior to politics, he supported gays, lesbians, the LGBQIA+ community.”

Note Tiffany dropping the “T” for transgender in “LGBTQIA+.” Was it a Freudian slip or an intentional omission? It’s unclear, although the President’s litany of attacks on the rights of transgender Americans don’t bode well for the former. Never mind that 2020 is already the deadliest year on record for trans and gender non-conforming Americans.

“You unfortunately see social media, you see these fabricated lies. It saddens me,” Tiffany continued. “I have friends who reach out… they say, ’How could you support your father? We know you. We know your best friends are gay.’ I say, ’It’s because my father has always supported [the LGBTQ community].'”

Despite Tiffany’s sweeping claims, her father does not support the LGBTQ community. Since the President assumed office in 2017, his administration has infringed upon the rights of LGBTQ Americans by using Title IX to discriminate against transgender students, cutting federal funding for HIV/AIDS research, and implementing the now-infamous transgender military ban. And that’s not even a complete list of offenses.

What does the President himself have to say about the LGBTQ community ahead of November’s election? That’s a great question. Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear answer because he fielded zero questions about LGBTQ issues at last week’s Town Hall event.

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