Tig Notaro: The First Lady of Deadpan

The "Instant Family" star on weird parenting questions, and why she’s relying on one Indigo Girl to get her into the White House’s East Wing.

It doesn’t take long for Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) to fall in love with the idea of being foster parents to a child in need in Instant Family (opens November 16). But it’s Sharon, played by the inimitable Tig Notaro, who keeps them from melting down when one child turns into three—and all three foster kids test the couples’ last nerve.

The idea of the fostering children has long been on the mind of Notaro (One Mississippi, Star Trek: Discovery) a stand-up comedian and actor, but she says her wife Stephanie Allynne might need a short break first; the couple are parents to 2-year-old twin boys. And like many same-sex-headed households, they are often confronted with some questions that hetero couples don’t have to contend with.

Notaro and Allynne are also working on their next project, and have signed with Netflix to co-write (and Notaro to start in) First Ladies. The political comedy will star Notaro as the American First Lady, wife to the first female president wife played by Jennifer Aniston.

Notaro has some rather specific inspiration for her first lady role.

Instant Family opens November 16, 2018.

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