Tiger Beat Magazine Is Being Revived!


Tiger Beat 1965; 2015

Tiger Beat Magazine has announced a relaunch with a slew of new investors hoping to revive interest in an ever-shrinking market of magazines aimed at early teens.

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Teenybopper magazines were once ubiquitous back in the pre-Internet age with titles like Bop, YM, Teen People, and perhaps the mothership, Tiger Beat, being sold at grocery and convenience stores nationwide.

In an age before celebrity pictures were just a click away, these magazines, primarily targeted toward teen girls–and of course, gays–were a bonafide cultural phenomenon. Tiger Beat, first published 50 years ago, was the originator, popularizing multi-page celebrity glossy photos that could be pulled out and tacked on bedroom walls.


Now, thanks to Nick Cannon and a group of 16 other new backers (including basketball star Kevin Durant, ’cause sure, why not?), $2 million has been raised to buy and revamp the now-fledgling magazine.

“It’s a great investment,” Jon Steinberg, the chief executive of Daily Mail North America, said in an interview with the New York Times. “This is not a vanity investment.”

Step 1, according to one of the investors, includes an overhaul of the current website as well as the possibility of a music tour, radio station and possible ventures into TV and film. (And yes, for those concerned, there will be t-shirts with the magazine’s vintage logo.)

The magazine’s September issue–pictured above–will serve as the first official relaunched issue.