Tilda Swinton Is Your New Auntie Mame

And the remake has a "Bridesmaids" connection.

The fabulous and eccentric Auntie Mame is returning to the screen-this time with Tilda Swinton as the titular character.

auntie mame

Annie Mumolo, star of the new movie Bad Moms, and co-writer of the hit Bridesmaids reveals in a new Vanity Fair interview that Swinton approached her about working on the remake.

“She asked me, ‘Have you read Auntie Mame?’” Mumolo remembers, referring to Patrick Dennis’s 1955 novel about a boy and his over-the-top eccentric aunt. “I said, ‘No, I haven’t read the book but I’ve seen the other version of it made into a film version in the 50s.’ She said, ‘Would you take a look at it? I want to see if you are interested in writing a modern-day adaptation.’ I said yes, because you say yes to Tilda Swinton when she asks if you want to do something.

“I read the book and it was one of the most fun reads I’ve ever had. It’s totally different from what I had seen in the movie versions,” Mumolo says. “We had meetings and then, as I got a little overwhelmed with a few other work things, I brought on a co-writer to work together on this, because it’s a huge job and an adaptation. I brought on a friend of mine—Stan Chervin [the Oscar-nominated Moneyball co-screenwriter].”

Mumolo told Vanity Fair that she will begin working on Auntie Mame once she is finished doing press for Bad Moms.

The 1958 film starring Rosalind Russell-based on the novel by Patrick Dennis-is a gay favorite that left every little boy wishing they had a relative as fabulous as Mame.

Sadly, Auntie Mame went from classy to camp when Lucille Ball and Bea Arthur starred in the panned 1974 film of the musical adaptation, Mame!

Hopefully this version will be better than Lucy’s. Luckily we already know that Swinton can pull off eccentric:

tilda swinton snowpiercer

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