Tina Fey Confirms “Mean Girls” Musical

Fantastic news!

Tina Fey has stated that a Broadway musical version of the 2004 cult classic Mean Girls is definitely in the works.

Fey confirmed the news in a panel series at Manhattan’s Florence Gould Hall last Wednesday evening. When asked by New York Times’ culture reporter Melena Ryzik about the possibility of a “Mean Girls” musical, Fey reportedly stumbled before saying, “My husband [composer] Jeff Richmond and I, [along with lyricist] Nell Benjamin, have been working on it.”

When pressed further about whether or not the production would actually happen, Fey responded with an enthusiastic “Yes, yes.”

The sold-out crowd understandably broke into whooping cheers, which Fey had to quell by saying the musical was still “years away.”

Though we wish the musical would’ve come out yesterday, we’re more than happy to wait for what’s sure to be an iconic piece of theatre!

In the words of Gretchen, the news is:


H/T: HuffPost Entertainment

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