Tina Fey Gets Loud, And Very Proud, About Her Emmy Night Nip Slip: WATCH

Tina Fey just experienced what very well may be the greatest weekend of all time, not only winning an Emmy for her writing on the pitch perfect series finale of 30 Rock, but also getting to grab dinner with gal pals Tami Taylor, Lady Mary and Peggy Olson out in L.A. That being said, Miss Fey also had a little bit of a hiccup in that perfect weekend, when she became, to our knowledge, the first female celebrity to ever have an unintentional nip slip, this while accepting that aforementioned Emmy, in front of the millions of women and gay men who were watching the Emmy telecast, and barely even noticed.

And rather than hang her head in shame, or pretend the incident never even happened, the witty and wise Elizabeth Stamatina Fey decided to own her brief bout of exhibitonism when she stopped by pal Jimmy Fallon’s late night show yesterday to promote her return to Saturday Night Live this week as the host of the show’s season premiere.

So watch above as a loud, and proud, Tina Fey addresses NipSlipGate. Oh, and definitely watch her on Saturday Night Live this weekend, because she is always amazing and lord only knows when we’ll get another host this season as talented as her.