To Make a Long Story Short … Barrowmania! continues, Kopay gives big, and more!

  • Barrowmania! continues, with these naughty outtakes from his Out Magazine interview. Yeah, like the interview itself wasn't naughty enough!
  • In discussing his upcoming book, Stephen Colbert lays down his thoughts on gayness: "I'm 100% heterosexual because I'm only attracted to women, and when I am attracted to gay men, I get very angry. That's how I know I'm not gay."
  • Out Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson (remember how we fawned over him before Barrowmania! took hold? How fickle we are!) is among the fabulous talent who will be participating in the Celeb Autobiography: In Their Own Words comedy benefit (for The Actor's Fund) in NYC. Fellow gay actor Jack Plotnick, Kristen Johnston, Jackie Hoffman, Mary Testa and more join him.
  • Gay former footballer Dave Kopay (who came out after he retired) just gifted a million smackers to the University of Washington's LGBT center.
  • Remember club kids? Remember BEFORE club kids? I know, it's like "pre-Velcro" or something. But here's an awesome clip of a 1988 NYC downtown scene recording session of an AIDS benefit track spearheaded by a baby-faced Michael Musto and featuring some of the greats of the scene, including my own personal hero James St. James. I'm getting nostalgic for a time I was never around for in the first place … ain't the Internet grand?
  • For you Greek fans: Michael Ausiello has some spoilers for next week's finale, including a little on what happens with Calvin, the show's gay character.

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