To Make a Long Story Short … Jack hearts Dale, we’re still gay for Jamie, and more!

  • Were you, like we were, "Gay for Jamie" from last week’s 30 Rock? Here’s more on Val Emmich, who played the adorable coffee-boy that set Frank’s heart aflutter. (Thanks to Popcandy for the find!)
  • Russell T Davies’ upcoming 40-something gay life drama series won’t be up or coming for at least a few years.
  • Happy birthday, Margaret Cho!

  • Dennis over at Bravo’s OutZone blog confirms that Project Runway’s Jack and Top Chef’s Dale are officially an item. I totally called this when I met the two lovebirds at the Out 100 party, but now it’s network-approved! (Registry at Sur La Table and to follow.)
  • BestWeekEver wonders why Vanessa Hudgens wonders why her boyfriend, Zac Efron, wonders if that shirt makes him look gay. 

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