Harlem Preacher Declares Starbucks Flavored With “Sodomite Semen”: Today In Gay

Anti-gay activists are up in arms against Starbucks again now that the coffee cartel used Drag Race stars Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano in a recent ad.

The National Organization for Marriage revived their (unsuccessful) boycott this week, and now James Manning, the virulently homophobic preacher at ATLAH Missionary Church in Harlem, is declaring Starbucks coffee is flavored with a rather unsavory ingredient.

Starbucks is a place where these types frequent and a lot of body fluids are exchanged there. But the thing that I was not aware of is that there has been information that has been released… what Starbucks was doing, is they were taking specimens of male semen, and they were putting it in the blends of their lattes.

Now, this is the absolute truth.

Says the man who puts the body and blood of Christ into his mouth every week.

jennifer floridaThere’s a lot of confusion today in Missouri, where a St. Louis judge ruled yesterday that the state’s ban on marriage equality was unconstitutional. Some officials believe the verdict only affected gay couples in St. Louis—who began getting married almost immediately—while the city’s Recorder of Deeds, Jennifer Florida, insists it has implications for the whole state.

“Our St. Louis city-issued marriage licenses are good for ceremonies anywhere,” she tweeted today.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon—in favor of equality.

gavel judge crimeLast year openly gay mayor Annise Parker announced that Houston would extend employment benefits to the spouses of all married employees, gay or straight. That decision lead to some lawsuits, but the courts have repeatedly left those benefits in place.

Until yesterday, that is, when State District Judge Lisa Millard signed an order blocking the city from offering them.

“I am very proud to see a judge upholding the law and respecting the will of the people,” said Jared Woodfill, who filed a suit to stop the Houston form offering benefits. “Unfortunately, we have a mayor whose personal agenda trumps the will of the people and ignores the Texas Constitution and the Texas Defense of Marriage Act.”

There’s a lot of confusion in Missouri, where a St. Louis judge ruled yesterday that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. While some officials are claiming that verdict only allows gay couples to wed in St. Louis—which they started doing almost immediately—Recorder of Deeds Jennifer Florida maintains it has statewide implications.

Lauren scottLauren Scott lost her bid to become the country’s first transgender state lawmaker. Scott, a Persian Gulf War vet, was running for the Nevada State Assembly as a Republican, and was beaten by Democratic incumbent Mike Sprinkle, 54% to 46%.

Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in her district of Sparks, Nevada, but Scott had the backing of Republican Governor Brian Sandoval, who appointed her to the Nevada Equal Rights Commission in 2012.

bert and ernieA bakery in Northern Ireland that refused to make a cake featuring Bert and Ernie under the words “Support Gay Marriage” has been ordered to apologize and pay compensation or face legal action, The Telegraph reports.

Geez, maybe they should just make an Oscar the Grouch cake.