Lesbian Teen, Best Friend Voted Homecoming Queens, Robbie Rogers: “I Was Consumed By Fear”: Today In Gay

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A San Antonio, Texas, high school made history on Friday when students elected a lesbian teen and her best friend homecoming queens. Eileen Hernandez and her straight-ally BFF Jennifer Mijares aren’t a couple, but they are members of C.C. Winn High School’s gay-straight alliance and ran on a platform of promoting equality among students. “I’m sure a lot of little girls always dreamed of being homecoming queen, but to know we were making a difference as well, it’s just amazing,” said Hernandez.

Mijares said anti-LGBT sentiment was dwarfed by messages of support: “One negative comment changed it to 10 positive comments—If one person would try bringing us down, so many others would say ’No, keep your head up, what you guys are doing is awesome.'”  When they got the news Hernandez said they “were just smiling like crazy—tears fell down our face.”

More than 1,500 boosters cheered the 17-year-old friends during halftime, and the girls got a big boost of support from administrators, too: “It is important for all persons to be respected and treated with dignity and the students at C.C. Winn High School certainly understand that all persons are equal,” said Principal Jesus Diaz-Wever.

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Halloween is the time of year when amateurs decide to go in drag for the first time. It’s not always a pretty sight, so the Museum of Modern Art’s PS1 is offering a drag tutorial for its upcoming Halloween Drag Ball co-sponsored by Candy magazine.

The Getting Into Drag: Costume, Hair and Makeup Workshop will prep participants for the main event later that evening, a hot ticket hosted by Justin Vivian Bond, Ssion, Chloe Sevigny, Casey Spooner, Ladyfag and Lypsinka, with a live performance by La’Fem Ladosha and JD Samson and Pyramid turning out sick DJ sets.

Openly gay L.A. Galaxy  player Robbie Rogers opened up about his teenage fears of coming out at the GLSEN Respect Awards on Friday night. The soccer stud, looking positively pint-sized next to basketballer Jason Collins, said he wished he had the confidence to be out when he was a teen:

One of the things I learned early in school is what happens to people who are different. As I grew up and began to understand who I am, I was consumed by fear: Fear that judgement and rejection would hold me back from my dreams and aspirations. Fear that my loved one would be farthest from me if they knew my secret. Fear that my teammates wouldn’t accept me. So I lived with the secret that I’m gay, obviously. As my career moved me forward and took me across the world, that fear travelled with me…  I wish that I had been brave enough… to start a gay straight alliance.

Rogers went on to humbly (and adorably) thank his family for their support.

rush-bottleSad news from the Great White North: A Canadian ban on sales of poppers has led to the closing of Priape, the country’s large chain of gay sex shops, which had locations in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. “For us [poppers] represented a huge amount of sales and profit, so that’s what triggered it all,” said manager Denis Leblanc. “It’s not so much percentage of sales, but the gross profit it brought in. Proportionately it was very significant.”

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