Today In Gay: Alec Baldwin Boycott, Pope John Paul, Helena Bonham Carter, More


After he tweeted that a British journalist was a “toxic little queen,” Alec Baldwin is facing the ire of Republican LGBT activists. (Yes, they do exist!) Jimmy LaSalvia, ex-leader of GOProud, is calling on Capital One to dump the 30 Rock star as its celebrity spokesman. This would be after Baldwin has quit Twitter but before he allegedly quits acting for good. Actually, we prefer it when other people write things for Alec to say.

tom ford

Tom Ford is all about makeup for men

Christian leaders claimed more than 4,000 demonstrators marched against pro-LGBT demonstration in Belize.

Pope Francis has authorized a second miracle for the late Pope John Paul II, clearing the way for his canonization as a saint. JP2, who was beatified by Pope Benedict six years after he died, wrote in 2005 that gay marriage was “perhaps part of a new ideology of evil, perhaps more insidious and hidden, which attempts to pit human rights against the family and against man.” Well, you would know, JP.

A court in  Vilnius, Lithuania overturned a recent ban on the upcoming Baltic Pride celebration on July 27.

Even if Helena Bonham Carter just checks her Facebook wall in the new Elizabeth Taylor biopic from the BBC, it’ll be light-years better than the Lindsay Lohan travesty. Check out the teaser for Burton and Taylor below.