Today In Gay: Boxer Orlando Cruz Naked, Bert & Ernie “Same Love,” More

orlando cruz

Orlando Cruz, boxing’s first out fighter, posted this artistic nude photo on Facebook today. The Puerto Rican featherweight recently proposed to his boyfriend, so maybe he’s letting us all know what we’re missing?

Casey-DellacquaIn one fells swoop, Australian tennis star Casey Dellacqua announced she’s a lesbian—and a new mom. In a brief statement, Dellacqua, 28, came out and touted the birth of her and girlfriend Amanda’s son, Blake.

“I think you all know I’m pretty normal, so my whole thing in life is family, and it’s been a really exciting time for me,” she told fans, explaining that she’s stepped away from tennis because,  “it was my time just to be at home, and to be with my family.”

She bowed out of the current U.S. Open, but it doesn’t look like Dellacqua is retiring : She remarked that “you see a lot of players out on tour with families… We’ll get [Blake] a passport and introduce him to the tour.”

Rachel Maddow told Bill Clinton “thanks for nothing” on gay rights.

An Oregon bar owner has to shell out $400,000 after telling a group of trans women to stay away because he didn’t want his saloon known as a “tranny bar.”

Last June Chris Penner, owner of Portland’s P Club, told the Rose City T-Girls, a group of local trans women who had been regularly meeting at the bar for two years, that they were bad for business. “I’m going to have to ask for your group not to come back on Friday nights,” he told Rose City organizer Cassandra Lynn in a voicemail. “I really don’t like having to do that but unfortunately it’s the area we’re in and its hurting business a lot… I’ve done some investigating why my sales are declining and there’s two things I keep hearing: People think that A) we’re a tranny bar or B) we’re a gay bar. We are neither.”

A court ruled Penner violated the Oregon Equality Act and ordered him to pay $5,000 in fines, and between $25,000-$50,000 to each complainant. Bet that’s really bad for business, huh?

This Bert and Ernie supercut to “Same Love” has us all verklempt.

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