Today In Gay: GLAAD Says Not Enough Gays In Movies, “Brooklyn Nine Nine,” More


Hollywood is pretty unoriginal when it comes to creating gay characters, so we’re all kinds of stunned Andre Braugher will be playing a gay on Fox’s new cop sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, debuting September 17The former Homicide star will play hard-nosed Captain Ray Holt to Andy Samberg’s goofy Det. Peralta.  “I don’t know where the story arcs are headed so I’m not sure at all whether my husband will be on the set or what the story will be,” Braugher said at the TCA. “[But] we live in a world with a lot of different kinds of people, so consequently those stories need to be told. I feel quite comfortable telling that story and telling it as truthfully as I can.” We’re already dreaming up some Braugher-Samberg shipping stories.

GLAAD has released it’s annual look at LGBT representations in mainstream movies, and the results ain’t so hot: Of 101 movies released last year by the six major studios–Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal, Sony Columbia and Disney—only 14 had characters who identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual. (Transgender characters were completely missing.) And when we are do pop up, it’s usually in crass comedies like Ted and That’s My Boy (shudder). If that pisses you off, let Hollywood know.

Gay opera fans are calling on the Metropolitan Opera to dedicate the opening night performance of Eugene Onegin to the LGBT maXair at Cedar Point, Ohiocommunity, as composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky was a big ol’ Russian ’mo. It’s a bit complicated because both conductor Valery Gergiev, on loan from the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, and star diva Anna Netrebko, are big fans of Vladimir Putin. Oops. Double Oops, actually, as now the Russian government is insisting Tchaikovsky wasn’t even gay. Bozhe moi

Cedar Point got some complaints from gay amusement-park goers when it was discovered the park’s upcoming Halloween-weekend wedding promotion didn’t include same-sex couples. So instead of opening the contest to gay couples, the park just cancelled the whole damn thing. A spokesperson for Cedar Point insisted “there was no negative intent” in omitting gay couples from the event: “When the promotion logistics started to take on political undertones, as indicated by several guests who gave us feedback, it was decided that now is not the best time for this event. Cedar Point does not take any official stance on political issues.”  So discriminating isn’t political, but inclusiveness is? Got it. We’ll be going to Knotts’ Berry Farm, thanks.

An Indiana teen was beaten and called “faggot” on a school bus for being gay: “He grabbed me by the backpack, pulled me into a chokehold, put me into one of the seats,” says the victim, who is going by the initials W.R. “He punched me three times, and then put me into a chokehold and strangled me for a good 10 seconds.”  The assailants were suspended and police are investigating.

It might be hot as balls in New Mexico, but the good news is Attorney General Gary King has announced he won’t be challenging marriage licenses being given to same-sex couples in Dona Ana County. A clerk in the county began issuing licenses today, and couples are already lining up in hopes that the state Supreme Court will declare the current ban on marriage equality unconstitutional.

Monday night, comic/MSNBC personality Lewis Black took a minute between tapings to weigh in on gay-rights abuses in Russia: “It wasn’t that long ago that we were in the same boat,” the caustic comedian opined. “We just figured it out.” Below, Lewis adds that he’s actually surprised how far the former Soviet Union has evolved. “Russia just entered the 20th century yesterday. My family’s from there…  theycame to the United States in 1960, but they did not know they were here until 1967.”

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