Today In Gay: Maggie Gallagher Walks Into A Gay Bar (No, Really)

flaming saddles

A gay man in South East London was picked up by police and accused of a sex crime—all because he wore a blue jacket. (We’re pretty strict on fashion, but c’mon). Earlier this month, British transit authorities were looking for a 20-something blond man in a blue jacket seen masturbating in front of a woman in the back car of a train. Musician Chris Jones, 49, was on that train—and wearing a blue jacket—but is about 25 years older than the suspect, balding and was in the front of the train. Jones still wound up in a police cell for several hours: “I said it could not have been me and I also added that as a gay man I would never be at all interested in masturbating in front of a woman or on a train.” We hear ya.

Following recent arrests stemming from the deadly 2009 attack on a Tel Aviv LGBT center, comes word that gay activist Shaul Ganon is admitting he had sex with one of the arrestees when the suspect was still a minor.

He’s baaack: Rick Santorum is planning on running for president in 2016. “Behind the scenes, the former Pennsylvania senator is quietly preparing for another presidential run,” reports “Trips to Iowa are in the works, he’s meeting daily with his advisers, and he’s already fine-tuning his message for the early primaries.” Is it too soon to come up with a new Google-ruining definition for his name?

Kevin Clash, the gay Elmo puppeteer who resigned from Sesame Street in November after  accusations he had sex with under-age men, wont three awards over the weekend at the Daytime Emmys. Um, yay?

We’ve encountered all kinds of folks in Boystown, but we have to say we’re a little stunned that Maggie Gallagher, the spokesmanatee for the National Organization for Marriage, is heading to Roscoe’s Tavern for a marriage debate on July 23. She faces off against GBT activist and columnist Dr. John Corvino, her co-author on Debating Same-Sex Marriage. “I want to make it clear that the event at Roscoe’s won’t be a debate,” says Corvino. “But rather a public dialogue about building relationships in spite of deep moral differences.” Not everyone is thrilled with the event: “Maggie is known as the country’s most vocal anti-gay, anti-marriage advocate in the country and to invite her to any event in our own backyard after [losing the marriage fight in the state capital] it feels like a kick to the stomach. Is she coming to gloat?” Does Roscoe’s have a nice brick wall we can bang our heads against?

Speaking of gay bars, Flaming Saddles, one of the more unique gay watering holes in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood is getting its own reality television show, reports The New York Post. The saloon—a country-western bar with cowboy table dancers and celebrity visitors like Anderson Cooper and Jesse Tyler Ferguson—is run by a straight couple, Chris Barnes and Jacqui Squatriglia, a former Coyote Ugly choreographer. “Apparently the stress of managing the venue and its cast of muscled, dancing bartenders is enough to require not one but two couples therapists,” reports the Post. Considering how much drama we see in run-of-the-mill gay bars, this thing could have legs.

Pope Francis admitted there was a gay movement in the Vatican, but we didn’t realize it had its own hookup site.  A site called Venerabilis is serving as an unofficial gay dating site for priests and their admireres, and its based in Vatican City. “Pope Francis talks about a gay lobby in the Vatican. What changes? Today there is a lobby everywhere,” ran a tweet from Venerablis’ account. “The problem is not gay priests but lying stupid thieves.”

Forget about an Oscar, Emmy or Tony award: Little Zachary Quinto used to fantasize about being interviewed by Barbara Walters.