Today In Gay: WNBA’s Sophia Young Comes Out Against Gay Marriage (And Intelligence), Bravo’s Lesbian Wedding Dream

Pam DiMuccio and Liz Hillen are hoping to be married by Bravo’s Andy Cohen.Bravo mensch Andy Cohen is offering to officiate a wedding on his chatfest, Watch What Happens Live, and for at least one gay couple, that would be a real mazelPam DiMuccio, who legally can’t marry girlfriend Liz Hillen in their hometown of Tampa, Florida, say picking them would send a great message:  “I think having more visibility and ammunition to say ’Listen, this is happening; the trend is going, hop on board,’ is a great thing,” she explains.

DiMuccio and Hillen, who have been together 14 years, are among five couples chosen as finalists. If you want to see them walk down the aisle, er, clubhouse, vote at before the September 6 deadline. (And you can learn more about the lovely ladies’ story at

We never really considered that Newark Mayor Cory Booker might be gay, but now that seems to be all anyone can say about him. After his opponent for a senate seat, Steve Lonegan, teased Booker about pro-gay comments, Booker responded:

“The point I’m getting a chance to make right now is that we need to stop in America talking about anybody in the public realm besides what is important, the content of their character, the quality of the ideas, the courage within their hearts to serve others – that’s what’s important. And so here we have an opponent that is trying to say God-awful things and literally saying ’well I believe a guy should be a guy’. Almost like saying that you are not a man if you’re gay. That is so extreme let’s shine lights on this for a second…Being a man is about love. About kindness to others. About standing up for what’s right. My sexuality is not an issue right now.”

Too right, Mr. Booker. However, if you are that way, we’re totally available. Just sayin’.

Darren Manzella, a former Army sergeant who spoke out against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, tragically died in a car accident in upstate New York on Thursday. While the battle to repeal DADT was still being waged, Manzella was the first active service member to speak about the ban with the media while deployed inside a war zone. Manzella  who was awarded the Combat Medical Badge, was discharged under DADT after he spoke with 60 Minutes.

Sophia Young

We have to admit we often fall for that stereotype about female basketball players being lesbians. But one WNBA player is making it clear she is not down with the gays: Sophia Young of the San Antonio Silver Stars has come out publicly against an anti-discrimination bill being put before city lawmakers in September. Yesterday she tweeted a photo of herself holding up a “Vote NO” sign from City Hall.

Well, we hope Young has one hell of a jump shot, because her brains won’t get her too far: “San Antonio should not allows Same sex marriages,” she tweeted along with the snapshot, even though the measure has nothing to do with marriage. Good one, Einstein!

And speaking of marriage: Her sister might be a lesbian, and her dad might support gay marriage, but Senate wannabe Liz Cheney wants us to know she believes the institution should be reserved for one man and one woman: “I am strongly pro-life and I am not pro-gay marriage,” she released in a statement. “I believe the issue of marriage must be decided by the states, and by the people in the states, not by judges and not even by legislators, but by the people themselves,”  Okay, Liz, but you do know that a majority of Americans support marriage equality, right?

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