Todd Grinnell Is Handy AF On Netflix’s “One Day At A Time” Reboot

The actor delivers a sexy new take on the role of Schneider.

The reboot of the ’70s sitcom One Day At A Time that debuted on Netflix this month has a few significant differences from the original, but one of the most eye-catching is the character of building-handyman Schneider, now being played by Todd Grinnell.

While the original Schneider was a bit of a sleazy blabbermouth, Grinnell’s portrayal is a bit more clueless, but well-intentioned. Oh, and also, he’s really hot.

The ’70s version of the comedic character, played to perfection by Pat Harrington Jr., featured a mustache akin to a pedophile. The ’17 version takes his shirt off.


Aside from offering eye candy, the reboot also deals with deeper topics and emphasizes inclusivity.

Not only does the sitcom touch on issues of immigration and social class surrounding its lead Cuban-American family, but it also deals with LGBT issues as well. When one of the characters comes out of the closet, the other family members must learn how to treat her with support and respect, while simultaneously having to change their views on homosexuality.

One Day At A Time is currently streaming on Netflix.

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