Gay Olympian Tom Bosworth Sets A New World Record

The out athlete finished his mile race in 5:31.08.

Openly gay Olympian Tom Bosworth set a new world record for the one-mile race walk at the London Anniversary Games this Sunday, finishing in 5:31.08.

British Athletics/Getty Images

“I wanted to make today special because it’s the first race walk at a Diamond League,” Bosworth said after the race, according to Eurosport. “In an event like mine, which isn’t seen on TV too much and is quite often misunderstood a lot, I think today was a great advert for race walking.”

The out athlete also celebrated the moment on Twitter with a simple “Holy Sh*t!”

Fans were just as excited about the impressive feat as he was, tweeting out messages of love and support for the race walker.

Since coming out as gay in October 2015, Bosworth has become a positive role model for LGBT athletes around the world for always taking great pride in his identity.

“All I want to do is give a positive message that you can succeed in sport whatever your background,” he said at the time. “Be it gay, straight, black, white, religious or non-religious – there are no barriers.”

Less than a year later, he would go on to finish 6th in the 20k race walk at the 2016 Rio Games and propose to his longtime boyfriend.

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