Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Post First Photo As Couple on Instagram

Tom Daley finally confirmed what the media has been reporting on for weeks: That he and Oscar-winning Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black are an item. The Olympic diver, who recently came out on YouTube, posted a photo on Instagram of the two having dinner in England after Daley’s first episode of Splash, the UK celebrity diving show he appears on.

Daley included the caption “#splash celebrations :) Beef Wellington…yes please!!!”

Black was spotted in the front row of the audience on Saturday evening, the night of the debut episode. Audience members began tweeting about his appearance almost immediately. “Tom Daley’s boyfriend Dustin Lance Black is watching from the front row in the audience. #splash,” wrote one. Another posted, “#splash I didn’t realise Dustin Lance Black look like that! Tom I’m here!! Call me haha.”

The two visited Stonehenge earlier, and both posted photo of the famous site, but not together. Black has also tweeted photos with Daley’s best friend, Sophie, who’s been sightseeing with ihim n London.
Dustin Lance Black tom daley sophie
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