Tom Daley And Greg Louganis Pose For Iconic Photo At Rio Games

The photo represents two generations of out LGBT athletes.

It was a meeting of out Olympic divers this week when Tom Daley and Greg Louganis met up for a photo opportunity at the Summer Games in Rio.

The iconic athletes crossed paths following Daley’s bronze medal win in the men’s 3m synchro dive.

Louganis, the retired champion diver who won four Olympic gold medals at the ’84 and ’88 Olympics, first publicly came out in 1995, making him one of the most famous gay athletes in the world.

He opened up about being HIV-positive at the same time, a decision that helped tackle widespread stigma attached to the virus.

Daley burst on the scene in 2008, as Great Britain’s youngest competitor at the Summer Olympics in Beijing. He earned a bronze at the 2012 Games in London, and revealed he was in a relationship with a man the following year.

The 2016 Games have the highest number of openly LGBT athletes in Olympic history, making the photo of the two divers all the more iconic.

tom daley greg louganis

“I just adored the kid,” Louganis said about first meeting Daley back in 2014 . “He’s a kind soul, wonderful to all of his fans. Appreciative. A really sweet guy.”

h/t: Attitude

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