Tom Goss And Matt Alber Unite For The Dazzling “Breath And Sound”

No matter the dancers, the dance is always the same. Love is love.

Separately, Tom Goss and Matt Alber are two of the most engaging out singer/songwriters in the music industry, but put them together, and the synergy rainbow explodes.


Their latest collaboration, “Breath And Sound,” is illuminated with a dazzling, evocative video with three couples (straight, gay, and lesbian) portraying the boundlessness of love through dance. Tom tells Huffington Post:

“I’ve been dreaming about this video for years. As soon as we recorded the song I knew I wanted to shoot a lyrical dance because I’m fascinated by movement and even more so by collaborative projects. About six months ago I was explaining my vision to director Michael Serrato (Big Gay Sketch Show; Willam Belli and Violet Chachki music videos; and Neil’s Puppet Dreams). I told him about my big, complex, beautiful — but ultimately flawed idea — and he started getting as excited as I was and sharing ideas of his own. His ideas solved the problems I was having in the story and it became clear that it was something that we could accomplish together.”

“If you think about it, all relationships are really a kind of dance. We want to be close to somebody, but we’re afraid to let them too close. We come together, we push each other away. We chose the movements to highlight that experience. This feeling isn’t confined to one specific kind of relationship; it doesn’t understand gender or sexual orientation. The dance of attraction and love is a universal one. The dance is the same regardless of the dancers.”

As a bonus, here are Tom and Matt performing the anti-DADT anthem, “This is Who We Are,” on the National Mall.

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