Tom Hardy And His Dog Want To Read You A Bedtime Story

Sweet dreams!

If our country’s current political climate is keeping you up at night, consider inviting Tom Hardy into your bedroom to help you drift off to dreamland.

The hunky actor popped up in a teaser video earlier this week to announce he’d be reading a bedtime story on the British kids’ TV network CBeebies on Valentine’s Day.

“Cloud spotting with a best friend is definitely more enjoyable,” Hardy says in the trailer, surrounded by colorful toys. “Especially if your best friend is a dog.”

But for those of us who weren’t able to catch the story when it aired, here’s a clip of a bedtime tale that Hardy told on the network on New Year’s Eve last year.

Hardy clearly has a thing for dogs, having recently appeared in a series of ads for PETA that encouraged people to adopt pets, so we really can’t think of a dreamier way to get tucked in than with this precious pair.

h/t: Mashable

Adam Salandra is a writer, performer and host in Los Angeles. When he's not covering the latest in pop culture, you can find him playing with his French Bulldog puppy or hovering over the table of food at any social gathering.