Tomorrow Night: Ke$ha Hosts NewNowNext PopLab and Asks You to "Take It Off"

Ke$ha: Bummed out.

I think we can all agree — like it or not — that Ke$ha’s been having a BIG year. And it just got bigger because tomorrow night (at 7pm ET) she’s gonna be back on Logo hosting NewNowNext PopLab for the second time this year. You can watch a teensy teaser of that below…


In the clip, Ke$ha said she was inspired by “bums.” Like… Hobos? Or, does she mean “bums” as in asses. I’d like to think the latter. Because don’t most of us find a good bum (or a good front) rather inspiring?

To celebrate Ke$ha’s love of a good bum, enjoy these AussieBum pics. Which seem right in line with the ethos of her new single “Take It Off” dontcha think?

And you can go ahead and watch the “Take It Off” video, if you must.

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.