Tony Award Nominee Jonathan Groff has Most Low-key Coming Out Ever. reported last week that "Spring Awakening heartthrob Jonathan Groff, reunited with the cast of Hair, took the day’s opportunity to tell he is gay and proud."

Gavin Creel and Groff at the Equality March on Washington 

Boy, talk about follow up questions begging to be asked! But that was all had to say about the topic.

Entertainment Weekly recently reported that Groff is going to be guest-starring on Glee for five or six episodes.  EW also reported that Groff will be a potential love interest for Rachel (Lea Michele). That means Groff would be yet another out actor playing a heterosexual love interest. Groff also made’s recent 37 Hottest Guys in Theater list.

I haven’t yet been able to independently confirm Groff’s coming out, but have no reason to doubt 

Here are some recent pics of Jonathan! (And thanks to AE reader AlanStuartJones for the tip!)

Groff performing in Hair.