Tony Perkins Pissed About ‘Goofy’ Yoga In The Military

(Getty Images)

Christian conservative leader Tony Perkins is upset again—this time, about yoga classes being offered to members of the military. At the beginning of his radio address on Tuesday, the Family Research Council president declared: “In the military, it’s out with God–and in with the goofy!”

First it was yoga being used to indoctrinate our children in schools and now it’s yoga used as stress therapy in the Marine Corps. Which facet of American society will this yuppie cult infect next?

“As part some new training, Marines are being asked to join weekly yoga and meditation classes,” explained Perkins. “Sergeant Nathan Hampton said the idea took some getting used to. ’Why are we sitting around a classroom doing weird meditating stuff?’ he wondered.” And then, if we are to believe Perkins, Hampton spat in Patanjali’s face. Oh right, except the full quote which Perkins cut short includes this irrelevant clarification: “Over time, I felt more relaxed. I slept better,” said Hampton. “Physically, I noticed that I wasn’t tense all the time. It helps you think more clearly and decisively in stressful situations. There was a benefit.”


Perkins continued on: “Former Army Captain Elizabeth Stanley says it’s to relieve stress. She’s the one behind M-Fit, or Mind Fitness Training. She insists the New Age approach ’creates a sense of calmness, reduces drug and alcohol use, increases productivity, and improves working relationships.'” And it does.